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Founding Story

Chris Hardy stands at the forefront of a global movement trending now: the adoption of ‘true’ Aloe vera as a primary ingredient in natural, alternative medicine.

Natural Aloe vera is widely recognized as the most effective healing botanical mankind has ever known. Modern industry has reduced this amazing ingredient to an ineffective, chemically-laced, spray-dried ingredient used in most cosmetics. Mr. Hardy’s passion to educate the general public with knowledge of this fact has motivated him to spend the last fifteen years evangelizing the health benefits of ‘true’ Aloe vera. He is a global leader in providing innovative ‘true” Aloe vera Health, Wellness, Cosmetic, and Anti-Aging products, and his deep desire is to bring back “true” Aloe to the people of the world.

“An intact ECM supports cell, tissue, organ, and organ system integrity by providing for proper physiologic functioning of each biologic entity. Chronic alteration of this microenvironment resulting in a prolonged state of dysfunction will lead to end-stage structural alterations that are termed “pathological.”  Stabilization of the ECM represents a defense against the onset and progression of chronic disease. MD Matrix may work to decrease prolonged ECM disruption represented by various chronic disease states.”
– Dr. Joseph McWherter, M.D.

Mr. Hardy has teamed with a group of physicians led by Dr. Joseph McWherter, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.; F.A.C.S. to create NuDerma MD™ and other revolutionary natural products in the science of skin repair. Dr. McWherter is an OBGYN in Dallas with 40 years as a clinical physician who has dedicated his life to the prevention and eradication of pathological diseases through the use of natural bio-modifiers, and his research and clinical trials span 20 years. He received a patent for his invention in April 2017 (US patent 9,610,258 B2). The research behind MD Matrix™ is a paradigm shift in conventional thinking regarding the treatment and prevention of cancer.